Case Club

Case Club

Join the Rollingdale Case Club and get wine shipped directly to your door! Membership gives you special access to our collection of wines grown in the Okanagan Valley. Many of our wines sell out before the end of the summer but allocations will be set aside for our Case Club members so they will never miss out!

Benefits include:

  • 3 Shipments of wine per year
  • Guaranteed Wine Allocations*
  • Free tastings at our winery for you & a friend
  • 15% off wine at our wine shop and online store
  • Bonus sneak preview tastings in our wine shop directly from the barrel or tank* (pending staff availability – call ahead to confirm)
  • Member exclusive events
Case Club

How To Join?

Becoming a member is easy! We have two packages to choose from, each a collection of Rollingdale wine that is personally hand selected by our winemaker. All you have to do is pick one of the following packages and send us an email at

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Our Necessity Package:

  • 3 shipments per year
  • 6 bottles of Rollingdale wine per shipment
  • Cost: $216 per shipment
  • Cases might include a 200mL bottle of fortified wine or late harvest

Our Deluxe Dozen:

  • 3 shipments per year
  • 12 bottles of Rollingdale wine per shipment
  • Cost: $420 per shipment
  • Premium wines will be included in this case
  • Cases might include a 200mL bottle of fortified wine, late harvest or icewine

When will I get my wine?

We will ship out the wine packages three times a year between:

  • Feb 1-15
  • June 1-15
  • Oct 1-15

If you are planning to be away or if you are moving, please let us know and we will gladly re-direct or delay a shipment. The shipping change Deadlines are: January 15th, May 15th, Sept 15th (for the next shipment that follows each date).

Membership policies:

Rollingdale Wine Club Members must

  • Be 19 years of age or older (Person receiving the package must also be 19 year of age or older)
  • Provide a valid shipping address that is not a post office box
  • Have a valid credit card that will be charged prior to processing shipments
  • Commit to payment on the next 3 shipments – renewal is automatic if not cancelled

Submit any change of address before the deadline or pay additional fees for returns or rerouting

Membership may be cancelled after three shipments, but we must be notified on or before the shipping change deadline: May 15th, September 15th or January 15th to cancel the following shipment.


Allocations are made in May for the next June, Oct, and Feb shipments. Space availability in the Case Club is limited. Wines will be allocated based on mixture selections hand selected by our winemaker.


Please send us an email if you have any questions.