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Rosé 2020
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Rosé 2020

Our Mi Amor Rose features two beautiful grapes: Gewurz and Marechal Foch. Two grapes with big personalities that blend perfectly together for this Rose. 

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$24.26 / bottle

This Blush-style Rosé is a newer addition to our collection, and we are smitten Foch and Gewurtz, on their own are misunderstood, bu together they create a beautiful harmony. Just one sip and you wil see how easy it is to fall in love. Floral aromatics and tart, juicy red fruits make this easy drinking and approachable. Now and in the future, this Rosé will be there for you.

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Strawberries, and strawberry jam. Bland of Gewurztraminer and Marechal Foch.
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