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Organic Estate Pinot Gris 2020
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Pinot Gris
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Organic Estate Pinot Gris 2020

Known as 'the juice', this Pinot Gris is reminiscent of fresh orchard fruit juice. 

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$24.26 / bottle

This block of grapes was planted in 1999. The palette of this wine is as thick as the trunks of the vines it grows on. Full of tree fruit flavour evoking the memories of fresh pressed orchard fruit juice. Sweet and fruity with a full mouth feel, this wine has earned the moniker "The Juice". Excellent when paired with spicy food or a pool chair, this  Gris next door is perfect to bring the Okanagan summer to your home. 

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Red apples and pears. Alcoholic apple juice, Okanagan fruit juice.
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