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Estate Pinot Blanc 2020
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Pinot Blanc
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Estate Pinot Blanc 2020

This beautiful blanc has a tropical perfume louder than most blancs with a crisp and clean finish.

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$26.87 / bottle

We added this 2-acre block of Pinot Blanc in 2006 after a pleasant success from the original 4 rows. Now that it is into production we are thrilled with the results. Left to hang a little longer than usual this year, we decided to pick and press this on the second full moon in October. Prepare for a heady, tropical perfume louder than most Blancs. This vintage is crisp, clean, and bright. An all-time favorite, a wine like this only comes once in a blue moon.

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Notes of lemon-lime, white grapefruit, citrus, hints of acidity, cactus flower. High acidity will make this one last a little longer. It was a cold ferment, so mother nature made it for us.
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