May 11, 2010 |

Spring Wine Festival Fun

The Spring Wine Festival started off with cool and grey weather. As the week moved on the warm Okanagan sun came out with the crowds. Lots of fun, interactive events took place at multiple wineries. Rollingdale had great success with the “Learn the Art of Viticulture” exercise (formally know as “Sucker Club”). We had a great turn out of eager learners. Spring is a very exciting time in the vineyard. The vines begin to come back to life after winter dormancy. The scraggily trunks and canes begin to show off the bud burst and first green leaves.
Duties in the vineyard included: suckering (removing buds growing on the trunks), weeding around the trunks, stringing out the hopper tape, tying down the canes to the fruiting wire and planting cuttings. Our helpers had so much fun that some are still out in the vineyard helping even though the festival is over! It is very rewarding to spend a day or half day in the peaceful, organic vineyard and then take home some wine to sip and appreciate the labour and love that goes into every bottle.



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