Kirsty Dale
January 6, 2010 | Kirsty Dale

Organic Wines On Your Table

Today people are very concerned with how their produce is grown.  What about the wine that is paired with carefully selected goods in the kitchen?  There aren't too many organic wine growers and wine makers in Canada, but the demand for organic wine is rising.  The rewards for searching out these wines are tasted in the glass and felt in the body.  To learn more about Canadian organic wines check out this article in the Vancouver Sun:/assets/client/file/Organic%20Wines,%20Vancouver%20Sun%202010.pdf


Below is a photo of one of Rollingdale's certified organic vineyards in West Kelowna.  Notice all of the life in the vineyard, it is home to many plants and animals because it is chemical free.  Also, the yellow ribbon that runs down every row is a pest control method, it is large fly tape to catch leaf hoppers.  This photo was taken in September 2009. 


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