January 25, 2010 |

Rollingdale Raspberry Icewine Cocktail

Rollingdale had a great weekend up at the Sun Peaks Icewine Festival 2010! Kristy, the top bartender at the Okanagan Grand Hotel created a classy icewine cocktail called the Rollingdale Raspberry. You can make this cocktail at home or soon you can enjoy a glass at the Okanagan Grand Hotel, where it will be available on the menu.
Stemware: Champagne Flute
1 oz 2007 Rollingdale Certified Organic Pinot Noir Icewine
1/2 oz Raspberry Vodka
1/4 oz Hibiscus Syrup (available at specialty food stores)
Pour into a Champagne Flute
Top off with a dry sparkling wine
Garnish with a candied Hibiscus Flower

The perfect romantic icewine cocktail for Valentines Day! 


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