James O'Riordan
November 10, 2012 | Vineyard | James O'Riordan

2012 - Rollingdale Harvest

The 2012 still wine harvest at Rollingdale is now complete. After an exceptional growing season, the end came very quickly. October 8th saw a jaw dropping free-fall in the temperature when the mercury on the crush pad hit -6 degrees Celsius, thus putting an end to the ripening of the grapes. Despite the early frost, the harvest was still of good quality and yield. Our Pinot Gris came in at a record volume with exceptional flavours and aromas. Spiced apple, melon and pear dominated the senses on the crush pad while the Gris was being processed. Our Marechal Foch had more of a staggered Harvest with the first batch taken down almost immediately after the frost, while the rest was left on the vine for a couple more weeks to develop more mature flavours and to drop some of its acidity. Our Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc are still out in the Vineyard, left to suffer until the Icewine harvest. Thank you to all the people that helped our Vineyard Manager, Kyp Rowe, make this season a success.



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